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Ghost Hunt at the Old RAF Chapel, Biggin Hill, Kent

I was really looking forward to the ghost hunt at the old RAF chapel in Biggin Hill. For two reasons, firstly because it is near to my home so I have an interest in the area where I live and secondly because there are so many people that had died there so I expected lots of spiritual activity.



I had quite a large group of people attend the evening with great expectations as well.

We started the evening with the Ouija board and had some connections but none as clear as I would have liked. Which I was really surprised about because there were a couple of ladies with us on the evening that had family that had served at Biggin Hill in the war and were now in the spirit world.  There were a few names that come up but only one with a surname that I later found was recognisable. Also when people were on the Ouija board it kept going to MK which meant nothing to us at the time but after I found it to be the starting letters of a spitfire planes.


We then moved on to table tilting  and stool tilting which took a while but eventually the stool started rocking and moving around quite fast with the aid of spirit.  I felt quite a lot of spirit presence in the room so I was expecting more as I had seen more movement before. I tried human Ouija with them all after that.  This is where everyone holds a letter of the alphabet and stands in a circle and we ask spirit to move the people holding the letters to spell out a message for us.  This was very slow but we did get a link from a male who called himself Mott.  It was at this time I picked up the name Roy with him and Mottie or Mottram.  Later when speaking to Allan, the man who chaperoned the evening and had knowledge of the chapel, he picked up on the name Mottram too.


There were a few more experiments we tried in the chapel that night including standing in a circle and encouraging spirit to make themselves felt by us. Some people had nothing but others were rocked to and fro, felt cold breezes or touches on them.  We went along the corridor where we were told that people feel someone watching behind them and we went in to the room where the dogs that are taken in there will go no further. Some of the group felt nothing and others felt and heard many different things from the spirit world.


I picked up a few other names before the night was through which were Hargraves, Fred or Freddie and George. So when I got home I looked up all the details I had collected and tried to find out more about them by looking them up on the computer. Some details didn't amount to much, mainly because of lack of detail but the name Roy Mott/Mottie/Mottram proved to be the best find of the evening.  It turns out he was in 92 squadron and was stationed at Biggin Hill for a while.  Along with this came the name Hargreaves (ok I was missing an e and thought it was Hargraves) who was also in 92 squadron.  I still have not found the name George although a few men in that squadron were known by their nicknames so one of them may be a George. With the name Freddie further research found that Hargreaves first initial was F so it may be him.


At the end of the evening I went home feeling a bit let down by the lack of movement from the spirit world in the old RAF chapel but after I had found out all the extra details of Roy Mottram, Hargreaves and the spitfire letters. Then saw the wonderful orb pictures that showed spirit were definitely with us on that evening.  I couldn't help but feel pleased that, although quite subtle, the spirits that dwell in and around the RAF station at Biggin Hill are still very much vibrant and present.  I will be going there again with a smaller group to find out more about those interesting people I just hope they want to talk to me as much as I want to talk to them.



People often wonder if there are angels.  Not necessarily the winged type but a loved one in spirit that is around you and looks after you.  I went on holiday recently and fortunately had lots of free time to read one of my favourite books again.  It is a book called Seeing Angels by Emma Heathcote-James.  She has researched lots of angelic stories from many different types of people and put the details into this book. It bought me to thinking about all the angelic experiences I had encountered.


 The story that I tell you of is one that has happened most recently.  My Auntie died nearly seven years ago and being a very family orientated woman she has never been far from her children and grandchildren since her passing and has made it quite clear that she is around them.   A few years after her passing I went to stay with her daughter (my cousin) one weekend, which, strangely, happened to coincide with the anniversary of her birthday and death.   My cousin was distraught because she had lost her mother's rings and had searched everywhere for them but to no avail.  She asked if I could contact her and find them.  I started by calling my Auntie and sensing and feeling where I felt they were.  I went to two particular places where I felt they should be.  One place, my cousin confirmed that this is where she remembered leaving them which was beside her bed. The other place was in a cabinet in the front room which she told me she had been through thoroughly.  I covered every inch of these places but found nothing. I was so upset and felt I had let her down.  Anyway the weekend pressed on and as usual we all had lots of fun together as a family but I couldn't stop thinking about the rings and why I hadn't found them.  It was the last day of the weekend when I woke to the sound of my Auntie's laugh and she said to me "Kim they are in the cabinet".   So, after my breakfast I told my cousin of what her Mum had said and proceeded to go through her cabinet again.  No sooner had I got to the second shelf there were her Mum's rings sitting in a glass.  We were both over the moon and so pleased that my Auntie had helped us find them.


The story doesn't stop there.  The following year my Auntie did the same thing again by helping me find her necklace that she had given her grandson.  This year times were a little tough for her daughter and her husband when he was made redundant from his job.  It was getting to the point where they were on their last surviving money for the month and would have found it difficult to pay their mortgage and bills the next month.  My cousin's husband was in the front room thinking over their worries when he felt a cold breeze around him and someone touch his face.  He asked if it was my Auntie and if it was could she touch the other side of his face which she did.  He spoke out loud to her and said "All he wants is his job back and some security".  The next morning he received a call from his old work place offering him his job back.  Amazingly again my Auntie saved the day and yet again it happened to coincide with her anniversary.  


It's such wonderful proof that there are angels around us. I love hearing about it and being a part in the experiences.



Astral Projection

Have you ever been woken up in the morning with a desperate need to go to the loo?
Up you get and stroll towards the toilet the same old route you always take and then as you try to open the door you realise you can't open it because your hand just goes straight through it.  With the realisation that you aren't actually awake you are straight back in your body thinking "I really need to go to the loo now, so I need to wake up or it won't be good."

That happened to me this morning.  In fact it took me three attempts before I was actually really awake and going to the bathroom to my relief.  I haven't had an astral projection experience for a little while so I was quite surprised by it and a little frustrated as well for obvious reasons.  I used to astral project quite a lot as a child and it seemed to be quite easy for me to do and more regular.  The main place I remember doing it the most was at my Nan's house.  My sister and I would be put to bed, far too early as far as I was concerned, whilst my Mum, Dad and other members of that side of the family would be downstairs, chatting, laughing and watching the television.  I remember going to the top of my Nan's stairs and jumping down the stairs and flying all the way to the bottom.  When I got to the bottom I could hear the chatting and laughing even louder outside the glass door they used to shut at the bottom of the stairs.  The feeling of floating down the stairs was really exciting for me at that age which would probably have been the contributing factor of me astral projecting more often as a child then an adult.

I know of people who can astral project on command. One friend told me he fights the feeling of when his body wants to go to sleep and after a while he starts to feel his body vibrating and then there is a loud popping noise and he is above himself in the bedroom floating around in figures of eight.  I don't seem to be able to do it when I want to any more.  Although I do manage to get myself into quite a deep meditation sometimes where I can feel my body go forward and lift up.

It is quite surprising how many people do astral project and see themselves floating above their own body.  One of my friend's never knew what it was and he used to call it his "fun dreams".

The exciting thing about astral projection is that you have a chance to look into the spirit world without actually having to go there.  I was only a child when I realised that nobody could see me whilst I was flying carefree down my Nan's stairs when, to my surprise, a relative opened the glass door when I was at the bottom. I was scared, at first, that I was going to be told off for being out of bed but instead I wasn't noticed just as if I were a ghost.

I have seen many spirits in my astral journeys but the most important one was my first.  It took me a while to get to sleep this night and as I woke up in my astral state I started to stumble across the room because I couldn't see where I was going. This was strange because I had always been able to see in other astral projections. I could feel as I entered the hallway from the bedroom that there was someone standing in front of me and they had noticed me as well.  I held the hands of this person as they reached out to touch mine and although I did not see them I knew it was my Great Aunt who had died years previously to this event.  It was only confirmed when I heard her voice.  It was a very amazing moment for me and to this day I don't know why I was not able to see that night.  As soon as she spoke to me I was straight back in my body asleep in bed because unfortunately as soon as you realise you are astral projecting it seems to stop.  I have seen other spirits since then and with my astral eyes open and it is a wonderful experience to see a glimpse of the other world.

There used to be a very good website about astral projection by a young man called Jonas Ridgeway who would write about his own experiences when he astral projected.  Unfortunately it is no longer online and all the other websites I have looked at seem to write about it but not from a personal level.  I remember when I first read Jonas's website that it made me feel that someone else understood what happens and some of the things he wrote about related to me. This is why I thought I would share my experiences so that those of you who have had astral encounters and even for those of you who are just interested can hear about it from a personal level.



Clairsentience and Music

I was just doing my every day   things keeping the house tidy and putting the clothes away and when you are doing mundane things you tend to do one of two things.   You go around in a world of your own getting things done on autopilot or listen to music whilst you are doing it, which seems to create a better atmosphere.   Not because the job is any different but because the music evokes an emotion inside of you.

I happened to be listening to 80's tunes on the radio which remind me of my teenage years.   So I was feeling young and carefree again whilst listening to these songs and strangely more energetic.   Realistically I was still in my 36 year old body doing a boring job but these songs were stirring up an emotion inside me that made me feel I was still that young teenager.

I remember one of the first spiritual development classes I did where I was trying to explain clairsentience to everyone by using music and that is what this situation reminded me of.

Clairsentience for anyone that doesn't know is one of the three clairs mediums use to connect with spirit.   There is clairaudience where you hear spirit, clairvoyance where you see spirit and clairsentience where you feel spirit.

Clairsentience seems to be the predominant clair for most mediums so I felt it was important for the group to understand how they can feel spirit coming close to them and I did this by using emotion provoking music.   It was quite a difficult task to do because sometimes the emotions you feel from hearing a song are quite personal.   For instance there are songs that make you feel sad because they remind you of a person you have lost or there are songs that remind you of when you are young.   There are even songs that make you feel quite loving (if you know what I mean).   I bet if you think about it there is a song for nearly every emotion you feel.   This was my point.

Before spirit come close to you, you are just feeling your normal self then, just like when an emotion provoking song comes on, spirit come close and change your feelings to how they were, what they were and how they felt.


It's such a subtle feeling that most people ignore it but if you just take notice of your self and how you feel and how that feeling changes suddenly without any need for it to happen.   You will notice how our loved ones in the spirit world are around us so much more.




Spiritual Development Group

Tonight was my first group at home after five weeks in the library.

I noticed a difference straight away in the atmosphere of the group being at my home.  They were more relaxed and more responsive spiritually.

I know I am not the only person who felt this as I had comments after from some of the group members saying it was "the best so far" and "the mood of the group was more energetic and uplifted".

We started with quite a long talk from me which hopefully was inspired and not just me rambling on.

We started with our usual opening meditation which brings about all manner of awareness for our group members which are then shared after or shared with me at another time.  This was followed by me teaching them a new way to work spiritually.  At the end I wanted to leave the group with something physical from the spirit world.  To do this we had a tumbler which we asked spirit to move to certain answers.  As usual the spirit world didn't let us down and moved about answering correctly to their relatives that were in the group.

Tonight we had tears, laughter and a chance to stop for a minute and think about how we feel and how others feel.  Which is something that is ignored as we rush through our every day lives. 


Working with this group makes me feel inspired by your experiences and enthusiasm and for that I thank you all. 



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