Short videos of experiences in my classes.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Paranormal night 26th September 2013      

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Paranormal night 4th July 2011

If you would like to book your own private paranormal night for you and your friends call me on 07980491467 or contact me by email on here. It is £100 for an evening booking 8pm until 10pm.



One of My Paranormal Nights (27th April 2011)


24/09/10 Ghost Hunt at the old RAF chapel Biggin Hill






01/09/10 A private group having a paranormal night with me.

02/06/10 - Glass divination at a recent physical/paranormal night of mine. An uncle comes through via the glass and speaks with his nieces.

02/06/10 - A dad/grandad comes through from the spirit world via the glass to some people attending one of my physical/paranormal nights


01/02/10 - Table tipping with spirit in my physical/paranormal class



 12/10/09  Spirit showing how they can lift a stool and take control of it




More amazing footage from a recent physical class



A table shaking violently in one of my physical classes. It was taped at the last minute so it is very dark but you can get the idea of what is happening.


Glass Divination in a recent physical class.

Some video footage from a recent physical class. 

On a another of my physical classes. The lighting is not very good because we were using a lamp. The lights had blown earlier in the evening when we were doing glass divination.