This is a short film about ghosts in Biggin Hill, my home town, produced by a friend/class member Nicola Jordan.  


    Even before Kim was born the spirit world were in touch with the living to let them know she was on her way.   Kim's uncle Tony, who was living in Australia when his sister Hazel was pregnant with Kim, was given a message from their Grandad in spirit after attending a seance to let him know she was going to be born.   With this news he then sent Hazel a baby girl card with the message from Grandad inside of it.

 Kim has been aware of spirit since childhood. As a child she had lots of spirit friends.   One of her favorite was a lady called Mrs Russell.   She remembers being teased because of talking about her spirit friends but also remembers quite clearly what they looked like and was quite surprised that no-one else could see or hear them.

As a child she was given a madame planchette game which involved using a planchette to speak to the spirit world and Kim had lots of confirmation that spirit were never far away when using this.  Thinking it was just a game she never thought it was unusual when the planchette moved on the board and drew pictures and wrote messages.


As a teenager she was introduced to automatic writing by a friend and found it quite amusing to be able to get the answers to questions she didn't even know and have someone take over her writing skills.   It was also around this time that she found an interest in tarot cards.

 It has been many years that Kim has been using her connections with spirit to give readings to people. Numerous times throughout her life Kim has been told she has healing hands and is now putting them to good use by using Reiki. She was told about Reiki by a friend who then recommended she should go to her Reiki master to be attuned. Which she did and then achieved her Reiki 1 and 2. She has now achieved Reiki 3 and feels the wonderful healing techniques she has learned are very helpful.


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