Reiki was developed by a man called Makao Usui (1865-1926) who was a Japanese buddhist.   He had a quest to find healing that didn't deplete people's own energy.   Dr Usui went to a Japanese mountain  retreat where he had a spiritual experience and received the energy needed to complete this quest.    This discovery lead to the healing system we know of as Reiki.

A lovely clip about how Reiki helped at Ground Zero



Are you looking for healing that is relaxing and has been shown to help with physical problems and well being? Well, look no further. Reiki is a complimentary therapy that offers just that.  I am confident you will be pleased with the results after a Reiki session as many others have before you.

What Happens at a Reiki session

Reiki is a very simple procedure but produces amazing results.
First of all you will make yourself comfortable on the couch and relax to the sound of the soothing music. You will be fully clothed. Then I will place my hands above you in a series of positions ranging from your head down to your feet. Each hand position is held for a few minutes giving time for the healing energy to flow into you and balance your energy system to then ease pain, release stress and promote the body's natural ability to heal itself.
Reiki is an intelligent energy that goes to where it is most needed and brings things into balance.

Reiki Price List

£ 40.00 - 30 minute session 
If you would like to have a reiki session please call and make an appointment. Email me with your phone number and I will call and make an appointment with you or call 07980 491467.

Vouchers can be bought for gifts.  Email your details and how much you want to spend and it will get sent to you. Take a look on my online shop